Parc Regency Greens Iloilo

Published on October 06, 2014

Parc Regency Greens IloiloThe Best of Both Worlds

Within the rapodly progressing Province of Iloilo lies the first of its kind, a premium residential community nestled in the refreshing placidity of nature's caress. A soft whisper in the sound streams of modern day living. 

A Soothing Respite

Residents of Parc Regency Greens is provided access to a soothing respite from the grind of city living with the pacifying beauty of a Nature Park. Listen to the calming sound of the wind and the birds chirping. Watch the world go by while restling under the share of century old trees scattered all over the park. Pause and feel the fresh breeze. Be in touch with mother-nature and experience utmost relaxation.