About Us

Rich Chelle Bustamante is a BS Aquaculture graduate from University of the Philippines in the Visayas. She is an accredited sales consultant of Parc Regency Iloilo. She has been with the real estate business for five years already. The real estate business opened her to a world full of bad people taking advantage of others but she wants to change this perception by serving her clients and giving her best to solve their problems and issues about the properties they have acquired through her.

Because there are some issues that she cannot address as a sales agent, she took the licensure examination for real estate brokers last 2014. She is now a Licensed Real Estate Broker with license no. 0019328.

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Agustin Bustamante, founder of http://theisoft.com and developer of http://parcregencyiloilo.com, is a BS Computer Science graduate from University of the Philippines in the Visayas. He is a systems designer and loves to solve problems. He was once recognized by the university as one of the excellent student in the field of Mathematics during his high school and college years.

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As graduates of University of the Philippines, we always strive for Honor and Excellence. We always follow what we think is right and we are guided by those principles.