Clients, Beware Of Sales Agents!!!

Published on October 01, 2012

Parc Regency Iloilo Sales AgentIn our years with real estate, we have been hearing problems from clients (NOT OURS) of other sales agents. We have gathered some info and those clients told us that their sales agents no longer reply to their calls and messages.

We came to a conclusion that it is maybe because the sales agent have already gotten the full commission from that client's purchased property. There is no more money factor driving the sales agent to continue serving their clients. Once the client pays in full, their objective is done as they already received the commission. They feel they will not lose anything if ever they would not communicate with the client. Because of this, many clients are suffering from problems encountered on the purchase of their property. The clients purchase a house through a sales agent thinking that they would be assisted until the end. 

But, what about the sales agents credibility, is it not worth protecting by serving the clients until they move in? Well, most of the sales agents are just selling to survive. We cannot blame them but AS A BUYER, YOU ALWAYS HAVE THE CHOICE TO CHOOSE YOUR AGENT

Have a background check about your agent. Try to ask them for their portfolio. And remember NEVER SIGN ANY PAPER not until you are sure about your chosen sales agent.